xAP Viewer for iOS
Date: Thursday, September 01 @ 17:06:03 UTC
Topic: xAP Software

Now in the app store.
A simple app but hopefully a useful one:
  • You can view messages per device with the option to resend.
  • You can just view the last message received.
  • See the xAP rate/min.
  • There is a library of messages for you to simulate, such as display messages and cid, and you can tweak the messages before you send them or just start from blank.
  • If the device being viewed is a BSC one you can add it to the app's homescreen and use it as a simple control allowing the usual on,off,toggle and dim ( with a nice slider) as well as seeing feedback from the device's state.

I should point out this is native xAP, it doesn't need any server side element, router or anything else. It's iPhone only for now, I will have a look at doing an iPad version later on.

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