xMonitor test release
Date: Wednesday, June 03 @ 16:00:39 UTC
Topic: xAP Software

A new app to play with. The initial reason for xMonitor was to monitor other xAP devices and to report via BSC and optionally display messages. I then thought I would use the app to demo the use of the xAPIntranet control and ajax, in particular jquery.
The web part of the app now features
  • A simple live event log updated by ajax polling
  • A home screen showing all devices including source,class,uid,port and version. This is displayed using tablesorter which gives a nice client side sortable table
  • Submitting forms by POST as well as GET
  • Message viewer. Shows a live view of incoming messages. You can filter the view down by selecting from a tree of devices ( treeeview + treeview-async). You can then either view live messages from a device, or review a particular message and resend it or tweak it before resending ( lightbox)
vb6 source code is included. Hopefully this will give some examples or ideas for new apps, whilst being quite a useful app in its own right.
Download -updated 6/6

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