Floorplan 1.5 beta
Date: Sunday, April 27 @ 16:37:15 UTC
Topic: xAP Software

It's been a while since the last Floorplan update and it has also been a while since I had time to spend on it. Because of this I decided to release the update first as a beta before its full release. That being said I have been running it here ,without problems ,for ages and with thanks to those concerned it has been running at other houses too.

Click read more to see some of the new features and where to download the beta

The beta release is an update to an existing install, so if you don't have Floorplan installed you'll need to install it first. Also the update includes the recently released Intranet ocx 1.4 as you will need that too. So on to the new features:
  • Drag and drop floorplan editing
  • Rooms, with occupancy, scenes and alarms
  • Automatic loading of known raw devices
  • Items in events can have delays
  • Items in events are conditional against the values of other devices.
  • Basic iPhone interface
  • Possibility of using an ODBC data source rather than the .mdb ( see details in the settings.txt file)
  • Conditional events
  • Many fixes to the xpl bridge
  • Quicker message processing

Details of where to download the beta can be read on the xAP Auto Yahoo group
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