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Sneak Peek of xAP News 3
Posted on Thursday, June 09 @ 00:45:08 UTC
Topic: xAP Software
News 3 is a total re-write of the old trusty xAP News application. It's now web based and xAP Intranet enabled. It still has all the old features but now:
Has a vey nice front end
Podcast support is much better
News alert will occur if any news story changes, not just the first
Full configuration via the web, no more text file editing
Will proxy all monitored rss feeds which allows you to get around download limits by some sites (like slashdot)
Will download icons and images for feeds to make for a pretty front end
Has a configuarble Front Page for you most used feeds
Click read more to see it in action. Beta 1 will be available in the next couple of days.

The release version features the new Intranet look. The rest of these screenshots are from the beta's old look

A regular feed being displayed

The Front Page

Configure the Front Page

A feed with media links from the story

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