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Introducing xAP Desktop
Posted on Monday, May 17 @ 01:38:06 UTC
Topic: xAP Software
Introduced at UKHA2004 was our new app xAP Desktop. Now it's time for all to see it
xAP Desktop simply put is a desktop information display system with the ability to control systems as well as display information. Using floating widows, dynamic wallpaper, transparencies, fading windows, etc it displays information in as rich a format as possible whilst trying to keep out of the way of pc usage. Every element of every display can be changed as each is based on simple text files as well as allowing all the elements to be based on xAP data. As with anything graphical the best way to understand it is to see it so 'read more' for the screenshots and more information.

Below are examples of xAP Desktop and what it looks like. Please remember that all of what you see is customisable, this is just an example of what it can do. All configuration is done in simple text files and all the images are standard bitmaps, jpegs or gifs. Also shipping with Desktop is a display designer that gives a simpler way of creating display panels in a more friendly, point and click, fashion.

1,Information about the last telephone call is embedded into the wallpaper.
2,This panel is displaying the weather from xAP Weather
3,The latest news flash from xAP News is also put onto the wallpaper
4,Webcam images being pulled from the internet, these could just as easily be images from your cctv system
5,This panel shows what is currently on TV and what is about to be on. Also in order to keep the panel small programme descriptions are available as tool tips.
6,An example MP3 controller and display. As the in the xAP world Rios, Homepods, Slimp3s, Exstreamers are the same this panel can be used to control any of them. Although it can't be seen in this screenshot the lines of text scroll if they are too long.

In Desktop there is a folder for wallpaper images. Desktop will randomly pick a file from this folder to use as the base for the wallpaper. You can add as many wallpapers as you want or if you don't want it to change the just put one image in there.

1,The weather display is an example of a click through display. In this configuration it doesn't move. Instead it stis there on top of other windows using transparency so you can see what is below. Mouse clicks pass straight through the display to whatever is below and to make things even easier the panel fades out whenever the mouse is near it.
2,The music controller is an example of an always on top window that can be moved. The buttons on it generate xAP messages to control the music player but could be configured to send out multiple messages to various devices. Included in Desktop is an event editor where you can define/edit these sequences of messages in a simple point and click gui.
3,A window that in normal use is totally invisible, that is until a xAP event happens and up it fades with, in this example, info on the current incoming telephone call.
4,The application's tray icon. Double click on it and you get a simple gui that lets you load up display panels from a library. In it's right click menu you can control the wallpaper generator and set other program options. As there will be times when the display panels might get in the way a single click on the tray icon makes every display panel fade away, another click will bring them back.

xAP Desktop will be available for download from here in a couple of days. One of it's nice usability features is it's library of display panels making things realy easy to add. The initial build will have quite a few panels already but expect more soon, also if once you start using Desktop and if you create your own panel please consider sending these back to me so it can be including in future releases.

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