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xAP Viewer for iOS
Posted by james on Thursday, September 01 @ 17:06:03 UTC (6260 reads)
Topic xAP Software
xAP Software
Now in the app store.
A simple app but hopefully a useful one:
  • You can view messages per device with the option to resend.
  • You can just view the last message received.
  • See the xAP rate/min.
  • There is a library of messages for you to simulate, such as display messages and cid, and you can tweak the messages before you send them or just start from blank.
  • If the device being viewed is a BSC one you can add it to the app's homescreen and use it as a simple control allowing the usual on,off,toggle and dim ( with a nice slider) as well as seeing feedback from the device's state.

I should point out this is native xAP, it doesn't need any server side element, router or anything else. It's iPhone only for now, I will have a look at doing an iPad version later on.

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xMonitor test release
Posted by james on Wednesday, June 03 @ 16:00:39 UTC (7469 reads)
Topic xAP Software
xAP Software
A new app to play with. The initial reason for xMonitor was to monitor other xAP devices and to report via BSC and optionally display messages. I then thought I would use the app to demo the use of the xAPIntranet control and ajax, in particular jquery.
The web part of the app now features
  • A simple live event log updated by ajax polling
  • A home screen showing all devices including source,class,uid,port and version. This is displayed using tablesorter which gives a nice client side sortable table
  • Submitting forms by POST as well as GET
  • Message viewer. Shows a live view of incoming messages. You can filter the view down by selecting from a tree of devices ( treeeview + treeview-async). You can then either view live messages from a device, or review a particular message and resend it or tweak it before resending ( lightbox)
vb6 source code is included. Hopefully this will give some examples or ideas for new apps, whilst being quite a useful app in its own right.
Download -updated 6/6

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xAP Weather 1.9.1 update
Posted by james on Monday, March 09 @ 18:36:13 UTC (6840 reads)
Topic xAP Software
xAP Software
BBC has launched their new weather site amd that broke xAP Weather. A new exe can be found here:
It works as before, no nead to change any config, but the forecast is now limited to 3 days.

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xAP Weather 1.9.0 update
Posted by james on Monday, August 11 @ 16:18:10 UTC (5443 reads)
Topic xAP Software
xAP Software
For existing xAP weather users.
This updated exe fixes the forecast messages, following a BBC site change. You only need the update if you are using the forecast feature.
Link is in the Applications section.

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Blue 0.1 released
Posted by james on Saturday, June 14 @ 12:06:16 UTC (6289 reads)
Topic xAP Software
xAP Software
Blue allows you to do presence detection using Bluetooth.
It will output over xAP any detected Bluetooth devices as well as to notify when the devices go out of range. All devices are outputted using the BSC schema so will be easy to use with many apps. In addition you can make it send specific messages when specific devices come and go. It has been tested using a Linksys BT100 USB Bluetooth unit, but it should work with any device using the Microsoft stack, other stacks may work though.

This is a beta release and available here
Please report any issues on the xAP yahoo group

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Four 0.3 released
Posted by james on Sunday, June 08 @ 17:27:02 UTC (6390 reads)
Topic xAP Software
xAP Software
This new update to the xAP chat bot adds a Twitter gateway. The previous version of Four had the ability to post to your Twitter announcements when you arrived home or at work. Now Four can forward display messages to a seperate Twitter account. Why you may ask! In Twitter you can follow other uses and can opt to receive accounts you follow as SMS. So with this you can now get display messages sent to your phone as SMS for free! But thats not all, you can also reply to the text message and talk to Four. You can do anything via text that you could do via the Four web page. Ask for a phone number from switchboard, check the weather, get device status from Floorplan even control Floorplan. There are two catches. Firstly you can only receive 250 SMS per week and secondly you must prepend replys with D<space>TWITTERUSER<space>message
Download from the Application section

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xAP Speech 1.5 released
Posted by james on Friday, June 06 @ 15:43:12 UTC (9998 reads)
Topic xAP Software
xAP Software
A minor update to fix an issue with the xAP parser.
Speech 1.4 would incorrectly handle the Target= part of the header if there were upper case letters.
You only need to update if having targeting issues. download

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Floorplan 1.5
Posted by james on Wednesday, May 28 @ 17:20:02 UTC (8182 reads)
Topic xAP Software
xAP Software
Floorplan 1.5 is now available for download.
While there are many changes and fixes the ones of note are:
  • Floorplan will now automatically create raw devices
  • Security layer lets you assign permissions to tabs and config
  • Drag and drop support to help position devices on floorplans
  • Conditional events
  • Each item of an auto script can now have conditional statements
  • iPhone Interface
Both a full installer and an upgrade zip are available from the application section. Click read more for some images of the iPhone interface.

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Floorplan 1.5 beta
Posted by james on Sunday, April 27 @ 16:37:15 UTC (11561 reads)
Topic xAP Software
xAP Software
It's been a while since the last Floorplan update and it has also been a while since I had time to spend on it. Because of this I decided to release the update first as a beta before its full release. That being said I have been running it here ,without problems ,for ages and with thanks to those concerned it has been running at other houses too.

Click read more to see some of the new features and where to download the beta

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Intranet 1.4 OCX released
Posted by james on Sunday, April 27 @ 15:19:38 UTC (8318 reads)
Topic xAP Software
xAP Software
First update in a while, actually quite a while!
The new ocx is a fully compatible update of earlier OCXs so it will work with existing applications.
This update now handles long Getstrings correctly, where they were cut off before. It also has a new MD5 engine as I found under certain circumstances the old method created the wrong hash. This caused issue when using the digest authentication method as it caused failed logons. Also included is support for xAP 1.3
Download here

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Intranet Launcher 1.8 released
Posted by james on Tuesday, September 25 @ 16:57:48 UTC (8128 reads)
Topic xAP Software
xAP Software
A minor update but a useful one if you have multiple monitors. You can now set the screen on which the toaster will pop up one. The selection is made by right clicking on the tray icon and going to setup. It works best with the up/down popup style.
Both a full installer and an upgrade msi are available from the applications section

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Switchboard 1.2 released
Posted by james on Sunday, May 13 @ 18:04:45 UTC (7697 reads)
Topic xAP Software
xAP Software
This releases brings the following new features:
  • Postcode to lat/long has been redone and is now cached per contact
  • You can now access the map from the contact page
  • Filtered views now can page through records
  • Filter on line and calltype added
  • Handles incorrect data better
  • Within contacts you can see a map with all contacts shown
  • Call routing can be set, per number, per contact, mainly useful for voip.
  • Secondary Google maps key for remote IPs
  • Trixbox - Caller Name Lookup Service. You can set Trixbox up to use the contacts database of Switchboard
Both an MSI and upgrade exe are available for download

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Four 0.2 released
Posted by james on Sunday, May 13 @ 13:22:58 UTC (6807 reads)
Topic xAP Software
xAP Software
This new release adds these new features:
  • Can run as a service
  • Supports integration with other systems using http, which works in a similar way to it's links with Switchboard and Floorplan.
  • Introduces the concept of people into the xAP enviroment
  • A persons presence is collected and merged from data from IM and Intranet Launchers. This is then simplified to Home,Work,Mobile,Unknown.
  • This presence is displayed in the interface and available on xAP as a BSC device.
  • Optionally, you can make this presence available on the web so you could add the info to a blog/website.
  • Can monitor an iCal calendar, Goolge Calendar for example.
  • Calendar info is made available over xAP as BSC.
  • Display and TTS alerts can be sent for presence changes and to alert on calendar reminders.
Available for download in the applications section.

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xAP Jabber 0.3 released
Posted by james on Sunday, April 22 @ 15:50:58 UTC (6836 reads)
Topic xAP Software
xAP Software
This update to xAP Jabber includes to following changes:
  • Additional heartbeats to help reduce connection timeout problems
  • Fixed an issue where when a contact when off line the wrong presence was sent
  • Can now be run as a service.
Download from the applications section. Please uninstall any previous versions as the service options requires some additional Dlls.

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Intranet Launcher 1.7 released
Posted by james on Thursday, March 22 @ 17:05:33 UTC (7309 reads)
Topic xAP Software
xAP Software
A minor update from 1.6 that adds the following:
  • Supports xAPBSC.Query
  • Able to configure the timeout of teh activity monitor
  • Fixes a bug when used with the soon to be released xAPFramework .net 2 applications.
Both an upgade exe and a full msi are available

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