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Install guide

The screen saver works with information and services from other xAP applications and because of this installation is a little more than just installing one application.. A typical setup would include:

  • xAP Weather - to provide weather information
  • xAP News - to provide the news feed and news alerts
  • xAP Hubs - as more than one applicaion will be on a single pc the hub lets them all talk
  • Saver server - this lets you centrally configure the screensavers and serves a photo library to them

You are also going to need some photos resized to around 800x600 ( as .jpg) and some urls of webcams.

I will assume you have 2 computers, Server and Client, but you can have many clients. It is also assumed that all the computers have a working TCP network between them.
Step 1 - Hubs
Hubs are required when more than 1 xAP application is installed on a single pc. The simplest is just to install one on any pc which will run a xAP app and as it runs as a windows service it just runs in the background so once installed can be forgotten about. See xAPframework.net, mirror here
Step 2, - News and Weather
Both these app, available on this site, need to be installed. They both collect data from the internet and make it available to all other xAP apps. Guides and more info on these are available in the application secion. It is important that weather is set up with both a forcast feed and a current weather feed.
Step 3, - Saver Server
The screen savers that run on the client PCs know nothing except the location of the Saver Server. It is the server that gives the screen saver its configuration, relays weather information and also provides the photos used in the slideshow.
After the application is installed, run it. Now double click on the try iicon and you will be presented with a web page. Assuming all is well you shoud see (xAP News Detected) and (xAP Weather Detected) on the main page. This means the server is now configured with news and weather feeds.
There are 10 configuration groups to allow 10 differnet screensaver styles to be available, but for simplicity we will just configure 'Default' which is the default config.
Click on the default tab. You will see the news feed alread entered, all youneed to add now is the webcam urls. You can enter as many as you like, if you don't have one use http://www.mi4.biz/image.jpg as a demo. Click Save
Now we need to give the server your photos. Click on the Photos tab and 'Open store' next to Default. An explorer window will open and you should copy the photos in to here. Once done close the explorer window and at the bottom of the web page click reload photos. You show now see the photo count.
Step 4, - Screen Server
After installing the screen saver, right click on the desktop and select properties. Now select the Screen Saver tab and pick 'xAPSaver' from the list. Now click settings. The screensaver needs to know where the Server is, click locate and the url should appear. Click save and we're done. You can install the screensaver on as may pcs as you like support by a single server.

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Published on: 2006-06-04 (3357 reads)

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