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xAP and Tivo
How Tivo fits with xAP

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There is a messaging schema dedicated to the Tivo which details the message format and describes the information you can send to Tivo. This has been implemented in a connector which interprets the message and displays it on the Tivo. The connector also interprets cid.lookup schema messages and displays them on the Tivo as well.

For the messages to arrive on the TV screen driven by the Tivo it must be running TivoWeb 1.9.4. You can incorporate TivoWeb into the xAP intranet system using the Generic Redirector and the sample config files

The Tivoweb system is quite flexible, and you can add modules to it. You can get the TivoWeb to create RSS feeds for pages in the Tivo, for example a 'Now Showing' and a 'To Do' feed from www.hitormiss.orgseem to work well. These RSS feeds can then be incorporated into the xAP RSS reeder, xAP News

You can see pictures and screen dumps of all these over in the xAP and Tivo gallery on Netcomp.biz

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so see the relationship diagram on the next page

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