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xAP Intranet

Applications that carry this logo are able to interlink forming a single intranet system. All interlinking is done automatically and all apps will provide links to all other apps. While together they form a very useful system, all the apps are fully functional on their own.

Intranet Launcher
The launcher is a small tray application that gives you quick and simple access to all xAP Inratnet applications. It can be set to auto start at logon and also functions as a simple display client. As well as listing all the intranets it can be set up to include links to upto 100 websites. It also features a simple activity monitor and reports over xAP and BSC if the computer is in use or not.
[ Download Latest (1.8) ] [ 1.8 Upgrade zip ] [ Older Versions ]
xAP Switchboard
Switchboard logs all incoming and outgoing calls. It maintains it's own address book and matches all calls against this. It looks up the STD for the calls and also can associate an image to a contact. Using the optional Outlook plugin you can use your Outlook address book and it will sync up address lists from as many outlooks as you like. All interaction with this app is done through a fully featured web interface. Also can now monitor and log instant messenger events too.
[ See it in action ] [ Download Latest (1) ] [ Older Versions ] [ XBMC ]
Downloads TV listings from the RadioTimes, Bleb or XMLTV and reports now and next information over xAP. You can set alerts for programmes which generate OSD messages when triggered and search from xAP for programme information. Also features a full web interface with password protected sections and an RSS feed for the current programmes.
[ Download Latest (1) ] [ Older Versions ]
xAP Floorplan
Floorplan is designed to allow the control, display and logging of BSC devices. It displays devices overlayed on to a floorplan so you get a very clear overview of your house. It can do this on as many floorplans and devices as you like and all is done over it's web interface. This is only the start, Floorplan is scriptable. Scripts can be triggered by time, device update or device change and can do anything, and like the floorplans all is done over the web. Also includes support for any schema and a BSC mapper.
[ See it in action ] [ Download Latest (v1.5) ] [ 1.5 Upgrade zip ] [ Older Versions ]
xAP Ping 3
Ping 3 lets you check remote devices. It can check by ping, by tcp connection, by http download, by http proxy download, Windows free memnory and Windows drive space. Being Intranet enabled it is all web based and easy to configure. Also the results from the tests can be overlayed onto maps/siteplans/photos to give clear indications of problems. Alerts can be emailed via an smtp server too.
[ Download Latest (Beta 2) ] [ Beta 2 Upgrade zip ] [ Older Versions ]
xAP News 3
News monitors internet news feeds and report the tops stories over xAP, it also alerts you when the top story changes. It can monitor RSS .9,2.0 and RDF news formats and is able to handle upto 254 of them! News can be run as a service or a regular app.Also now supports podcasts on any of the 254 feeds and will auto download and copy the files to your device overnight. Now totally web based and part of the xAP Intranet system and can also act as an RSS proxy for your local network.
[ See it in action ] [ Download Latest (3.1 Release) ] [ Release 3.1 Upgrade zip ] [ Older Versions ]
xAP HomeSeer Plugin
The plugin brings any xAP device in to HomeSeer. You can create virtual devices from any element of any xAP message either manually or using a very simple wizard. In fact for most known xAP applicaions all you need to do is start the xAP app, a wizard will pop up in HomeSeer and you click create, that's it!. The plugin goes further by xAP enabling any other HomeSeer device wheter they are internal HomeSeer ones or from another plugin.
[ See it in action ] [ Download Latest (v2.0.313) for 2.X HomeSeer ] [ Download Latest (v1) for 1.X HomeSeer ] [ Older Versions ]
Intranet OCX
This easy to use control allows you to make Intranet apps very easily. It contains the web server, xAP receiver and all interlinking hbeats and services messages are done for you. Includes a demo app to get you going (vb6). Now features basic and digest authentication.
[ Download Latest (1.4) ] [ Older Versions ]

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Published on: 2005-02-28 (14951 reads)

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