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xAP Weather

What is it?
xAP Weather downloads weather information from either NASA or the BBC. The data is parsed and outputted over xAP as well as displayed in the gui. In addition by knowing your longitude and latitude it will also output sun rise and sun set information.

Which Source
The two data sources are very different but will lead to the same xAP format. The NASA data is by far the best. It is updated more, it contains more data, the data seems more accurate and most importantly is presented as a formatted data format(METAR). The problem with the NASA data is that there aren't that many stations so it can be more awkward to locate a useful station, also even if you find a local station not all of them output data. The BBC data is much more local and pretty much covers every where. It has limited amounts of data available, but the basics are there, wind speed,direction,temperature and air pressure. The BBC doesn't provide any xml/metar/csv sources for weather so the program must scrape the webpage for the data, which will break if they change the layout of the site.
When choosing the source I would highly recommend trying NASA first, if it works then stick with it as it will be much more reliable.

You need to find out the ICAO code of your local station. This can be found at www.nws.noaa.gov/tg/siteloc.shtml and will be a 4 character code. Now go through the BBC section below until you have your longitude and latitude.
For the BBC
Go to www.bbc.co.uk/weather and use either the local or world searches to find you forecast. Bottom left you should see the longitude/latitude of the station, make a note of these. Now click on "Printable Version". In the url look for a section that says world=XXX or id=XXX. You will need this whole section including the world= or id=
Download and install the software. When it first runs it will ask you for the station code If you are using NASA and the ICAO code is EGLL then enter EGLL .If you are using the BBC and the forcast was world=332 then enter world=332 .You will now be asked for longitude and latitude, enter the values you got from the BBC site.

Now it's configured, the app will run. It will startup and try to download the data. If all goes well the display will become something like this:

There are two possible errors that can occur which will be displayed on the right hand side of the GUI. NoData means that the program couldn't connect to the server, this is either because of the internet connection or the server is down. StationNotFound means that the internet connection to the server was ok but the server didn't have any useful data.
You will also see that the tray icon reflects the current weather and if you hover the mouse over the icon you see some simple weather information. Double click on the icon to restore the program

Forecasts are configured just like the current weather. However you can only use the BBC feeds as the NASA/metar do not include forecasts. Just like the current weather you should enter the localion as either id=XXXX or world=XXXX

If you ever need to re configure Weather there are two ways of doing it. Either you edit the Weather.ini file that is the the programs directory ( c:\program files\xap weather\ ) with your new settings and restart Weather or just delete the file and restart Weather, you will be prompted for the settings as Weather starts up.

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Published on: 2004-01-20 (9245 reads)

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