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Homeseer plugin schema

Change is generated when a homeseer device's status changes. One message is generated per device per change.


Location=[Lcation of device]
Name=[Name of device]
Code=[House code/unit code of device]
Type=[Type of device]
Status=[The new status of the device]
OldStatus=[The old status of the device]

Command is used to control homeseer. It has a simple schema but many functions. Eventually all homeseer scriptable commands will work with this schema.


command=[command to run]
data1=[optional data required by the command]
data2=[optional data required by the command]
data3=[optional data required by the command]
data4=[optional data required by the command]

Possible commands:

Data1=Phrase to be spoken

Data1=House code and device code to be controlled i.e. A1
Data2=Value to set the device to

Data1=House code and device code to be controlled i.e. A1
Data2=String to set status to

Data1=Path to WAV file to be played

Data1=Name of event to trigger

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Published on: 2003-08-03 (4313 reads)

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